ATLAS Lab is a design and research lab founded by Kimberly Garza and Andrew tenBrink. The lab is centered on the pairing of art and ecology to create toolsets that empower the urban realm. The design interventions ATLAS produces primarily seeks to impact cities in two ways: through the injection of art and play in the everyday urban experience, and the integration of ecology in the urban environment. Whether a small-scale urban installation or large-scale master plan, design interventions are guided by a rigorous research process to develop strategies that are historically, culturally and socially responsive.

ATLAS has been published internationally and has received widespread recognition through winning design proposals including, the San Francisco Market Street Prototyping Festival, International Garden Festival in Quebec, Canada, Sacramento Capitol Mall international design competition, and honors for the Flat Lot competition in Flint, MI. ATLAS Lab does not operate as a professional practice, but rather as a nimble lab. This online portfolio serves as a platform to highlight the lab’s design research, instigate new collaborations and share the latest news.